PrimaMedix, from Bali to the World

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, masks have become a major necessity that everyone must use outdoors. Along with these increasing demands for masks, in August 2020, PrimaMedix, which is part of Biznet, was officially launched to answer people’s need for high quality masks. Starting from the beginning of April 2020, PrimaMedix has begun to establish a mask factory located in Bali. Bali was chosen because it has a strategic location for the easy distribution process of masks, so it can run more effectively and efficiently.

PrimaMedix mask products are produced in the Clean Room according to the ISO Class 8 standard, which meets the quality requirements of medical devices that can provide maximum protection and provide quality mask products. With two types of mask choices that suit the needs of today’s society, the 3-ply Surgical Mask and the N95 Respiratory Mask, which are supported by the best filtering technology. The presence of this PrimaMedix mask product is expected to meet the needs of the Indonesian people, both for the use of daily masks or the health industry.

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